Our Birthday Cake
(1st Picture in this album)

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION (August 8-9, 2014) part 2

Happy Birthday Classmates!  LeBron came home, but so did our Rons (both Rose and Farrar)!  Classmates from all over the world called, or sent emails sending out wishes for a prosperous year.  
The class had a great time(I did)!

We had a class meeting to get ideas, suggestions, and tentative plans for our 50th Reunion. (Can you believe - 3 years!!!) YEAH!!!

First of all, we actually planned the month, type of venue, and incorporated our version of  'K.I.S.S.' (Keep it Simple Sweetie!). We will be at a local hotel on a Saturday evening, and that Sunday for brunch in September,2017 with Friday evening optional.  Sounds good so far!!   We will begin meeting early in 2015.    


Optional ideas included a cruise, a picnic, and some just for fun things to do.  If a cruise is of interest to you, make sure your passport is up-to-date.  We will begin looking into all suggestions (send them in now to YJB!) after January, 2015 so that we ALL will be able to save and look foward to our Reunion.

Thanks to all that came.  Your time and efforts were greatly appreciated. Thanks also for pix on Face Book, well wishes, hugs, etc..
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