Sunrise or Sunset? Celebrate Life!
Sunrise or Sunset? Celebrate Life!
     Your first initial followed by your last name in high school will give you access to your PROFILE and EMAIL.  The password is our  mascot.  *hint: it was not a 'bird'!  After entering, please secure your information with a personalized  password that you will remember.  
     Example: Beverly Burton Lee...last name in school was Burton = bburton.  The next line needs no prompting from me!  Again, once you have entered using this format, please update/change your password.  However, if you forget your password, there are prompts that will assist you. 
     Emails can be sent to other classmates through this system by clicking  the box below.  Email addresses are secured and will not be exposed.

Thank You

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Connie L. Sims (Bennett)
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Cynthia M. Newbauer (Manbeck)
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Daniel C. Kalstrom
Surveyor Married 2
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Daniel L. McClelland
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Danny C. Sojourner
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Darwin Micheal 'Mike' Wotring
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Dave Small
Plant Breeder Married 3
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David Goshen
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David Hodges
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David C. Sisler
Profile picture
SURPRISE Send David C. a MessageSend David C. a Message
David L. Schneider
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Deborah (Debbe) Mansdorf (Patsy)
Teacher Married 2
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Dennis Decoulos
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Dennis Mansour
Oil & Gas Business Development Married 2
Hello all you me anytime !

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Dennis H. Sonntag
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Diane Brown (Power)
Retired Married 3
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Dimber J. Cannon
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Donald L. Schneider
Profile picture
Carpenter/Luthier Married 1
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Earl Ross
Pastor/ Teacher Married 2
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Edith Smith (Perry)
Clinical Research Married 3
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Eileen Dougherty (Knittel)
Widowed 2
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Elijah Thomas
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Elizabeth Jenei (Glass)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Divorced 4
what a ride so far......have been truly blessed......have four of the best kids God ever blew breath into, and the grandkids are just as amazing.....blessings to you ... LIZ.............. "WHAT THE CATERPILLER CALLS THE END OF THE WORLD.....THE MASTER CALLS A BUTTERFLY" Send Elizabeth a MessageSend Elizabeth a Message
Ellen Steinmetz (McElwain)
Assembler/Consumer Serv. Committed Relationship 1
hi,ellen here,  just want to say i'm really looking forward to the reunion. i have a very happy relationship with my significant other.i have 25 yrs. at graco childrens prod., i have 1 son,who is married with 4 stepkids that are really great!  see ya at tangiers. Send Ellen  a MessageSend Ellen a Message
Elvia R. Saunders (Price)
Profile picture
Chief Chapter Services Officer, American Red Cross Married 2
Dear classmates, Look forward to seeing everyone at the 2012 Reunion.  Beverly and Yvonne really keep me in the loop!
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Eric L. Mokole
Profile picture
Mathematician Widowed
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Fay Lester (Dortch)
retired Married 3
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Frances A. Nolan (Nutter)
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Frank Carson
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Frank Chimielinski
Adjunct University Instructor Married 3
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