Sunrise or Sunset? Celebrate Life!
Sunrise or Sunset? Celebrate Life!
     Your first initial followed by your last name in high school will give you access to your PROFILE and EMAIL.  The password is our  mascot.  *hint: it was not a 'bird'!  After entering, please secure your information with a personalized  password that you will remember.  
     Example: Beverly Burton Lee...last name in school was Burton = bburton.  The next line needs no prompting from me!  Again, once you have entered using this format, please update/change your password.  However, if you forget your password, there are prompts that will assist you. 
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John Wigand
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Forest Tech. Single
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John E. Seymour
Married 2
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John M. Schott
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Johnnie W. Perry
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Joseph E. Manos
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Joseph E. Otto
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Clown&CEO. Capt.Otto's BicycleWorld Married 4
The greatest gift life has given me is the ability to give and recieve Love, Laughter ,and smiles threw the arts of clowning.
                                            Buddy   (Joe Otto)
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Joyce Miller (Tate)
Rockingham County Sheriff's Dept Divorced 2
Hey everybody.  Hope to see you all in 2012. 
What a wonderful site. 
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Judi Nestor (Rodger)
Telecommunicator/Receptionist Divorced
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Judy L. Swartzlander (Benish)
Interior Designer Married 3
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Karen Tanaska (Geiger)
Business Owner - Financial Services Married
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Karen Stahler (Hodges)
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Karen E. Lunda (McGregor)
I hate that I missed the 65th birthday gathering but hopefully I will be able to make other events.  Thanks again for keeping in touch.
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Karen L. Wilson (Dutchman)
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Kathleen Kenney (Kearns)
LOOKING FOR WORK! Single Again 2
Hard to believe 50 years has gone by! Send Kathleen a MessageSend Kathleen a Message
Kathryn D. Moskovitz (Mudurian)
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Kendra Smith
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Lamont Graves
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Lauretta J. Winters (Williams)
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Laurie B. Reich (Bishop)
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Laven C. Parent, Jr.
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Linda Hart (Egbert)
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Linda Hart
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Profile picture
RN Widowed 3

Hi all!  I've been married for 32 years to the same wonderful guy and we have 2 great adult kids. I've had an interesting career in nursing and now work as a consultant where I research and write medical guidelines that feed into hospital electronic medical records around the world. Have just worked out a deal where I can work offsite during the winter months, meaning I can work from any computer on the planet with high speed internet access. So hubby and I hope to head south this winter as our Minnesota blizzards are getting a bit old. Sadly I'll miss the  upcoming 65th birthday party due to a long-ago planned vacation. Sorry to miss it.
2016 update: sadly my husband passed away after a lengthy bout with cancer. Miss him terribly but am busy figuring out how to keep our 100 plus year old house in repair. Retired at the end of 2015 so do a bit of traveling and hope to see everyone at the 50th reunion.

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Linda Haught (Robb)
retired teacher / attorney Married 2
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Linda Beaty (Silcox)
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Linda Esterle (Tasker)
Lynda Koltnow
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Lynda M. Saari (Madden)
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Lynne K. Messner (Harb)
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Marianne Marullo
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Mark Fitzgerald
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Network support tech for Darden Restaurants. Married
Have been in Florida 20 years. I do restaurant and Frame relay support in the daytime for Darden Restaurants and a magical entertainer on weekends. Send Mark a MessageSend Mark a Message
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