Sunrise or Sunset? Celebrate Life!
Sunrise or Sunset? Celebrate Life!
     Your first initial followed by your last name in high school will give you access to your PROFILE and EMAIL.  The password is our  mascot.  *hint: it was not a 'bird'!  After entering, please secure your information with a personalized  password that you will remember.  
     Example: Beverly Burton Lee...last name in school was Burton = bburton.  The next line needs no prompting from me!  Again, once you have entered using this format, please update/change your password.  However, if you forget your password, there are prompts that will assist you. 
     Emails can be sent to other classmates through this system by clicking  the box below.  Email addresses are secured and will not be exposed.

Thank You

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Mark H. Jenkins
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Mary Hausch (Coffin)
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Mary Hentosz (Lucas)
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Mary E. Ambelang (Conlon)
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Mary Kay Ferguson (Robertson)
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Melody R. Mollis (Lindquist)
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Merle Kamin
Retired Married 2
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Michaelene Barich (Johnston)
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Muriel C. Westcott (Richmond)
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Myra J. Wasick (Falkenstein)
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Natalie Coleridge
freelance writer; HIgher Education Support Assistant Single
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Nikandra (Nikki) Kobbs (Rafferty)
Profile picture
Administrative Assistant for AMHA Single 1

What a super duper 60th birthday party we had!!!  Great Job to the committee!!

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Nina M. Felton (Taylor)
Principal Married 3
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Patricia Harmon (Harmon-Feisley)
Home Improvement Specialist Married 1
work at Lowes in fairlawn now, been here 20 years, total of retail 50 years
hopefully i retire 2017
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Patricia A. Mullaney
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Patrick White
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Researcher Committed Relationship
I confess that I am usually less than enthusiastic about reunions, but I am definitely looking forward to this event. The committee has done a terrific job of getting in touch with everyone. As I inch towards decrepitude, I find myself thinking a lot about my old friends. Can't wait to see you all. Send Patrick a MessageSend Patrick a Message
Patrick W. White
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Patsy Purefoy (Reynolds)
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Retired from Anheuser Busch Widowed 2
Widowed, 2 children, 3 grandsons, attended U of Houston, retired from Anheuser-Busch. Send Patsy a MessageSend Patsy a Message
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Paul W. Sherman
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Phillip Bittner
Married 3
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Phyllis Johnson
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Raymond C. Pander
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Richard L. Taylor
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Robert Glick
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Robert (Bob) Woods
Married 1
It's our 50th coming up.  Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.  

Moved to FL in '82.  Married for 39 years. One child who is the SM/CM for the Richmond Ballet.  I finally retired from the college in Jan 2014 and am now working harder than ever before (And love it)  Now, I'm the one who can say NO.  Im still in the production business, travel a lot and truly enjoying life.

Bob (updated 6/18/17)
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Robyn Finkelstein (Finer)
Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach Married 2
Has it really been forty years? Those in charge of the web site are to be commended! As for me, 35 years of marriage and two single adult sons. Send Robyn a MessageSend Robyn a Message
Rodney F. Siddall
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Roger Hoover
Business Owner Widowed
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Ron Endres
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