Sunrise or Sunset? Celebrate Life!
Sunrise or Sunset? Celebrate Life!
     Your first initial followed by your last name in high school will give you access to your PROFILE and EMAIL.  The password is our  mascot.  *hint: it was not a 'bird'!  After entering, please secure your information with a personalized  password that you will remember.  
     Example: Beverly Burton Lee...last name in school was Burton = bburton.  The next line needs no prompting from me!  Again, once you have entered using this format, please update/change your password.  However, if you forget your password, there are prompts that will assist you. 
     Emails can be sent to other classmates through this system by clicking  the box below.  Email addresses are secured and will not be exposed.

Thank You

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Ronald Farrar
CEO Married 3
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Ronald Rose
Profile picture
Store Manager Married 1
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Ronald J. Terry
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Ronald R. Rowan
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Rosalyn D. Turman (Williams)
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Rosalyn E. White (Harris)
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Ruth Grof (Gingo)
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Ruth A. Older (Casey)
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Sandra Spinelli (Severt)
Volunteer Coordinator-Springer Opera House Married 1
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Sharlene M. Link (Stouffer)
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Sheila Hulgin (Horonetz)
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Cost Accountant Widowed 3
Was married 40 years lost my dear husband a year ago.  July 16, 2008. Send Sheila a MessageSend Sheila a Message
Sheila S. Vitatoe (Wilkinson)
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Sue Caro
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REALTOR Married 2
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Sue Caro (McPhee)
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Susan Aberth (Briske)
LPGA Head Golf Professional
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Susan Carlson (Goldsberry)
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Susan F. Schwartz (Miller)
Profile picture
Retired Married 2
Married 33 years, moved to Boulder, Colorado area after 38 years in Iowa.  2 grown sons, and  4 fabulous grandchildren. I am Retired.  I was an independent rep with Silpada Sterling Silver jewelry designs.
loving my new life in Colorado.....especially the mountains and sunshine!
Lovin' my move from Iowa to Colorado! 
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Susan L. McPeek (Hosey)
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Susan R. Miklos (Hoffman)
Akron Public Schools 3
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Terry Hunter (Roop)
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Terry L. Evans
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Thomas Dockus
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Thomas Ferris
School Pyschologist Married
After living my entire adult life as an apartment dwelling single man,I finally got married August of 2006 and moved into a new house.Marriage is good and I like being a homeowner.I feel very blessed to have met such an exceptional woman as my wife Shelly and amazed that God could transform my life in such a way,especially at my age.Go Griffins! Send Thomas a MessageSend Thomas a Message
Thomas R. Weller
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Tim Howard
Retired Software Engineer Married 2
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Tyrone B. Knox
Teacher Married 1
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Ursula M. Canty (Gould)
* Send Ursula M. a MessageSend Ursula M. a Message
Valerie Winters (Peavy)
Retired Teacher Married 2
Hope to make it to the reunion. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Send Valerie a MessageSend Valerie a Message
Vera Moton (Carroll)
Receptionist/Switchboard Operator
Hope to see everyone there. Send Vera a MessageSend Vera a Message
Verdell Allison (Mosley)
Profile picture
retired Married 7
God bless us all. We are all senior citizens, maybe we can enjoy all the discounts. Smile.  Congratulations to the class of 67'
please keep safe. Until we meet again.   GO GRIFFS  
Just wanted to say hi, I finally knew when to say WHEN- retired after 37 years at Summa Health System, I am having a wonderful time. My husband is retiring in January, therefore, we will be able to travel and visit with our children and grands.  I am looking forward tothe next reunion. Please keep in touch, until then, be safe  & happy holidays to all.
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