Sunrise or Sunset? Celebrate Life!
Sunrise or Sunset? Celebrate Life!
     Your first initial followed by your last name in high school will give you access to your PROFILE and EMAIL.  The password is our  mascot.  *hint: it was not a 'bird'!  After entering, please secure your information with a personalized  password that you will remember.  
     Example: Beverly Burton Lee...last name in school was Burton = bburton.  The next line needs no prompting from me!  Again, once you have entered using this format, please update/change your password.  However, if you forget your password, there are prompts that will assist you. 
     Emails can be sent to other classmates through this system by clicking  the box below.  Email addresses are secured and will not be exposed.

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Vikki Palya (Schmiedel)
Customer Services Manager/Insurance agency Married 5
Awesome, awesome web site! What a great job you have all done on this! At this point cannot say if I will be able to actually attend but I hope to. I hope all are well & the last 40 yrs have not been too hard on you! Take care! Send Vikki a MessageSend Vikki a Message
Wanda Webb (Koltnow)
Medical Practice Manager (retired) Married 1
you forgot me on the class list! Send Wanda a MessageSend Wanda a Message
Wanda L. Morris
retired High School Teacher Widowed
willing to help with this reunion anyway I can Send Wanda L. a MessageSend Wanda L. a Message
Wendy J. Pagnard (Steller)
Married 3
I was an English teacher and then worked in a doctor's office part-time while raising kids.  Now I'm retired and loving it.  I look forward to seeing you all at the reunion.  Many thanks to the committee for all their hard work.
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William A. Woodyard
Send William A. a MessageSend William A. a Message
William R. Oates
Send William R. a MessageSend William R. a Message
Woodrow Nash
Send Woodrow a MessageSend Woodrow a Message
Yvonne Jackson (Brooks)
Profile picture
Retired Divorced 2
Surprise! Send Yvonne a MessageSend Yvonne a Message
Yvonne Abmyer (Chojnacki)
Profile picture
retired Widowed 2

Widowed twice in eleven years. Two grown daughters. Oldest getting married June 2009. Youngest expecting baby in September.  One step grandson (17). Sorry I couldn't make the 40 yr reunion as my second husband was terminally ill but hope to see everyone at next reunion/event. Keep in touch.

(new update)Great web-site---had a great time at the 60th Birthday Bash---recognized some---some I did but couldn't remember names--must be a "Senior" moment..hope to see you all again at reunion in 2012


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