You have a LITTLE TIME left to plan and to save your money! Will you have an excuse for not attending our 50th Class Reu
You have a LITTLE TIME left to plan and to save your money! Will you have an excuse for not attending our 50th Class Reunion Celebration?

Terrible Excuses for Missing our Celebrations

We've checked the previous guest lists, the email lists and cross referenced it against our fading memories, and found that it is 100% jerk & snob free.  So why haven't you come to anything we've had in the 21st century?  Come on!   Start your new decade with a fresh approach.   You have only today to accept life for what is now at hand.  "OLD AGE".   There's always going to be beer. (Hey, that always worked in high school!)

The reunion year is now 2-0-1-7.  You really want to attend but you’re not sure.  You've heard about the last Reunion, and the Birthday Festivities.  Already you start thinking of all the reasons you should stay home.  Is there a good excuse for missing our celebrations?  If you’re serving our nation overseas, that’s a good reason.  If you’re scheduled to perform brain surgery, that’s another.  Life challenges us every day.  Take a look at the  Photo Albums.  We've all changed! 

For those with 'Cluck and Feather' Syndrome [chicken!]

Excuse #1:
My husband, wife, significant other, etc., can't make it, and I don't want to go alone. I'll look like a loser if I show up alone.

Rebuttal: We'd love to meet your spouse and coo over your kids, and/or grandkids, but we want to see you. Plenty of classmates have already indicated that they're flying solo. Got a wallet? Put your pictures in it. (you can upload onto the website too!)

Excuse #2: I’m overweight.

Rebuttal: You are definitely NOT alone

Excuse #3: I don’t think I look very good. I (multiple choice)

a) am going bald
b) am getting wrinkles
c) have cellulite on my thighs
d) all of the above

Rebuttal: So do we! Your friends will be so happy to see you, they won't be paying attention to those little things. Over 50% of us now wear corrective lenses, so don't worry about it!  Throw on your baseball cap, get a big pair of sunglasses, and lower your hemline.  Check out 'The Cat In The Hat' on the photo album page.

It won't be the same without you!  Have you seen some of the pictures?  Some of us were caught off guard when we heard you weren't going to make it the last time we were together. Help us all to have smiling pictures!....PLEASE COME TO OUR 50th REUNION CELEBRATION

Excuse #4: I’m not successful. I told everyone in high school that I was going to be a doctor, (lawyer, astronaut, chief fire eater).

Rebuttal: Plans change. Goals change.   We've all matured and realized that having money doesn't make someone a success, and it certainly doesn't guarantee happiness. We are getting older, but let's hope we're also a lot smarter, and wiser. 

Excuse #5: I wasn’t part of a popular clique ['the click'] in high school.  

Rebuttal: See above regarding: older, smarter, wiser. The only cliques[clicks] at the reunion will be the sound of our joints cracking as we walk around finding old friends.  Look at the photo album where some of us are kneeling.  We had special helpers assigned to help us slowly get up again and regain balance! 

Bottom Line:  Read the small print.  It's usually the most important.
  Please try to attend the next Reunion/Celebration, September, 2017!!!!

Roger Hoover, 330-697-3550
Yvonne Jackson Brooks,
Dave Shriber, passed August 2016

Beverly Burton Lee website info,
also added Becky Graf DelPropost and Carol Zeh
2017, and Shari Mosier Alexander, 2014 Birthday Committee