July 2009 Birthday Festivities Attendees surround   the 1967 'Our Class Gift'
July 2009 Birthday Festivities Attendees surround the 1967 'Our Class Gift'

It was a wonderful weekend.  Very happy to have had so many people respond to our email notifications.  We are a blessed group of people.  Please take a look at the **Birthday Celebrations Albums**.  If changes or additions need to be made let me know.  I will try to make changes, erase, update, and/or remove whatever you don't want others to see.  I have combined information from our 60th and 65th Birthday Celebrations.  The group picture above is our last.  We will try again at the 50th Reunion for another.
 **look left in Photo Albums**


Saturday, August 9, 2014
John R. Buchtel High School
Class of 1967
*:) happyBirthday Celebration
Ohio Sportsmen Club 
1775 Jacoby Road, Copley, OH  44321
$20 per person* $35 couples*
BYOB (Cups, Punch, and Ice will be provided)
RSVP: Yvonne Jackson Brooks
*same price as in 2009
12:30 PM, Buffet begins at 4:00 PM (Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Grilled Sausages, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Jo-Jo's, Cake) 
Payment Information 
Check or Money Order to: 
John R. Buchtel Class of 1967

c/o Roger Hoover 
266 Gleason Avenue
Akron, OH 44312

Gathering Place Friday night at: ROCKNE'S on Merrimam Rd

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION (August 8-9, 2014) part 1

Happy Birthday, Classmates!!  We had two full days of fun!  Perfect weather, perfect food, perfect drinks, perfect music, laughter, just a wonderful weekend.

Friday evening 'Meet You There', was hosted by Committee members, Roger Hoover, and Shari Mosier-Alexander.  Classmates met at Rockne's.  LeBron 
James had his 'Welcome Back to Akron' festival, and as a member of his Grandmothers' Fan Club, that's where I was most of the evening.  I stopped by for a quick shout out and 'hey' (FYI).  

Saturday afternoon was held at the Ohio
and Farmers Park in Copley, Ohio on Jacoby Road.  Our meal was catered by Charlie's Restaurant, formerly known and remembered on Copley Road as 'The Bunny'.  It was nice to see old friends again.  Some of us meet in smaller groupings throughout the years, but it's always nice to get together as part of our great Class of 1967.

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION (August 8-9, 2014) part 2

Happy Birthday Classmates!  LeBron came home, but so did our Rons (both Rose and Farrar)!  Classmates from all over the world called, or sent emails sending out wishes for a prosperous year.  
The class had a great time(I did)!

We had a class meeting to get ideas, suggestions, and tentative plans for our 50th Reunion. (Can you believe - 3 years!!!) YEAH!!!

First of all, we actually planned the month, type of venue, and incorporated our version of  'K.I.S.S.' (Keep
it Simple Sweetie!). We will be at a local hotel on a Saturday evening, and that Sunday for brunch in September 
2017 with Friday evening optional.  Sounds good so far!!   We will begin meeting early in 2015.    


Optional ideas included a cruise, a picnic, and some just for fun things to do.  If a cruise is of interest to you, make sure your passport is up-to-date.  We will begin looking into all suggestions (send them in now to YJB!) after January 2015 so that we ALL will be able to save and look forward to our Reunion. 
Thanks to all that came.  Your time and efforts were greatly appreciated. Thanks also for pix on Face Book, well wishes, hugs, etc..

2009 ReCap
 Sixtieth Birthday Festivities

Becoming SIXTY  was a 'piece of cake'. 
We had a great time the entire weekend! 

July 24, 2009.  Friday evening was fun.  Classsmates had evening attendance choices.  Some attended the Aeros' baseball game, then others went down to the Lock 3 for the 'Bon Jovi' free music concert.  The majority of classmates came straight to The Tangier Restaurant.  After eating, drinking, listening to music,  and getting reacquainted, most didn't leave until the wee hours of the next morning.   We all had a very enjoyable evening.   We were happy to have in attendance some classmates that were on the 'lost' list join in to celebrate.  It's never too late to get off of that list.
July 25, 2009.  Saturday morning we assembled in front of Buchtel High School for pictures.  Rain and scattered thunderstorms threatened our plans.  The rain came while we were 
intransit to the school.  By the time we got out of our vehicles, the sun was out in full force.  
We were able to get group pictures on and around our class 
gift.  We took pleasure in the fact that we were permitted to once again climb the steps into the building.  Yep!  We were able to tour the entire building.  We went down hallways and entered the office.  We ventured up to the gym on the second floor, and by the cafeteria, and the auditorium on the first.  While we were in the gymnasium, we climbed the bleachers and tried to imagine how we felt over forty years ago.  The same bleachers.  The same windows.  Never appreciated how much sun actually filtered through them.   We were permitted to 'borrow' athletic trophies from 1967 for our festivities.  Our old alma mater song placard that we looked at 'back then' is still on the wall.  There are newer gargoyle looking Griffin statutes located near the main office.  Several of us took pictures near them.  It was probably the last time many of us will ever enter the doors of BHS as we remembered.  The school will be razed, and rebuilt as a combination middle and high school in the near future.
We left Buchtel, gave hugs and 'see ya'
soons' to some, and told others we hope to see them at the next Reunion, the 45th in 2012.  
Our Celebration Festivities were held at the Ohio 
Sportsmen's Park, in Copley, Ohio.  As many of you know, we planned our fiftieth birthday celebration there also.  That particular day, the rains came along with thunderstorms, and destructive winds, etc.  Our party location was canceled, and the festivities were moved to Dave and Peg Shriber's home in Bath. 
We had a wonderful time at this year's festivities.  Our company to each other and the food was excellent.  The Old Carolina BBQ Company came out to the site with complete setups including the grill.  It was fired up and all we did was sit back relax, had whatever the  '
BYOB' was and/or shared with others.   The committee provided playing cards, and board games, 'poker for dummies',  karaoke, baseball, and charades.  Not one game was played!!  We were too busy talking, taking pictures, munching on goodies, wine-tastings, beer drinking, drinking sodas and punch, and just having a great time for our birthdays.  But then, the food was ready.   WOW!  We were offered the most tender, and meaty ribs, moist bbq'd chicken, great baked and green beans, creamy cole slaw, and warm, soft buns.  At first, we thought a large bee had entered the premises, but soon discovered it was all of us 'humming' to the taste of good food!
We then had a short program.  Special thoughts and prayers for our sick and shut in, and those recently having deaths in their families.  We had 'get-well and 'thinking of you' cards to mail to those classmates. Each of us signed the cards that will be mailed out in a few days.  Questions and comments for our 45th Reunion in 2012 were addressed.  There was a 'mini-poll' for you to cast your vote.  Thanks to all that participated.  Your input was appreciated.  
'Celebrate Life' is meaningful.   Please, your thoughts and comments are and will be greatly appreciated. 
Back to the party!  After singing 'Happy Birthday' to each other, we actually sat down and ate our black and white creamy frosted cake.  We then went back to what we were doing earlier, relaxing, talking, drinking, etc.  Too quick,  it was time for 
good-byes and 'see ya' soon' again. 
We sincerely hope that everyone had an enjoyable time.  The committee tried to comply with the email suggestions and comments we received after the Reunion in 2007, and earlier this year in response to a questionnaire.   
The following people that are not on the committee deserve a special little hug for their consideration.  You know what you did, and it was appreciated.  Thank You to Carol Z., Rob G., Dave H., also to Jim F., Tim H., Jim M., Bill
O.,Sue C., Lamont, Nikki, and, Tyrone. 
Check out the 'Birthday Festivities' albums in the Photo Album section.   If you have any photos, please upload them to our site.  We'd all love to see any pictures from the 
parties, and any of our past reunions.

A big THANKS to the spouse, family member, and/or the significant other, and YOU our classmates. 



Your 1967 Buchtel High School Reunion Committee

Yvonne Jackson Brooks              yjbrooks@aol.com

Roger W. Hoover                            rhoover4@neo.rr.com

Beverly Burton Lee                       ercbeverly1@sbcglobal.net

Daniel E. McClish*  passed away in 2012                       

David J. Shriber * passed away August 2016                          


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