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The Memorial Photo Album is located within  Photo Albums.  It is sad, but currently being updated. 

We pass this way but once
We pass this way but once
Below is the list of our Classmates that have passed away.  Our last Memorial CD was in 2017 from our 50th REUNION CELEBRATION.  We have lost many of our classmates.  
Looking back to the Reunion in 2002.   Mary Altgelt's Mom said 'Mary had a wonderful time reuniting with her old friends.  She fondly remembered her days at Buchtel, and shared those memories with friends and family up until her death'.  Mary passed just after that Reunion.

Fred Haddad 
was ill but was determined to attend our Reunion, and happily attended the 2007 Reunion, his last.  However, there were also other Classmates that passed away in 2007. 

Unknown to some of us, Mary Boyle, and Connie Anderson, both were in the last stages of cancer.  Their pictures are in our album, smiling despite their traumas, glad to see their friends again at our 2007 Reunion.

We can almost repeat the smiles and happiness shown in the pictures of Fred, Mary, and Connie and sadly add Clyde Gibbs who attended in 2017 and passed away in February of 2018.

Our Reunion Committee members Dan McClish, Lou Farris, and Dave Shriber all worked with us, until personal illness, to make our Reunions and Birthdays memorable.
This list also keeps us focused on our theme, 'Celebrate Life'. Please stay in touch with us.  We continuously ask you to come to our Reunions and/or Birthday Celebrations.  If you can't attend either, please update your information on the 'CLASSMATES' PAGE' page. 
Please, please, don't forget to watch "The Dash"(-) movie in the previous portion, and also the Andre Rieu rendition of "Amazing Grace" with bagpipes and drums below the red rose.
Andre Rieu Amazing Grace
bagpipes, drums, etc.

Patricia Acklin
Mary Altgelt
Connie Anderson Kneil October 2015
Alan O. Archie
Annette Attalla Doyle July 2017
Micheal E. Attalla February 2014
Robert 'Billy' Baldwin 2011
Harold Bertka
Mary Margaret Boyle Kulow June 2012 
Gregory Bronner June 2013
Rebecca Ayn Brown
Lucinda Buckalew Ludy
Dawn Marie Bunn October 2002
Micheal J 'Mike' Chapman July 2016
Barbara S.Coleman December 2010
Billie Cooper
O'Dell Daniels
Cathy Delia
Maude Driskill
Paul Duckworth
Clyde Gibbs Jr***February 26, 2018
Stanley Gilmore
Wayne Bruce Gilmore December 2011
Bill Glenn
Howard Goggins
Louis 'Lou' Farris May 2015
Martha Haberman
Fred Haddad happily attended 2007 Reunion
Albert L 'Al' Haines February 2011
Gerald Ray Hamilton April 2011
Jimmy Lee 'Mudd' Hargrove November 2015
Cheyenne Hawkins
Robert Higginbotham
Cathy Holt
Thomas Hutchins
Daniel R. Hysell
David James
Peggy Kerr
Mike Kolarov
Leroy 'Alan' Larkins
Denny Longfellow
Ed Ludwig
Daniel 'Dan' McClish March 2012
Marcia McGowan
Betty Jean McKinney, her 1967 yrbk on
Karen McNeil
Eugene E. Morgan III April 2013
Dennis 'Denny' O'Brien a friend to many November 2014
Anita M. Parsons May 2012
David William Payerle
Terrence Lee Pearson
Elizabeth 'Liz' Peavy
Ronald Pickett
Gregory 'Greg' Poole
Ashley Eugene 'Binky' Primes February 2016
Page W. Repp July 2013
William P. 'Bill' Richardson March 2010
Susan Riemenschneider
Jennie DeLores 'Lois' Robinson
William F. Scheffer May 2016
Melvin Sells
Bruce J. Senecal January 2017
David 'Dave' J Shriber August 2016
Marcell Smith
Robert J. Smith
Cheryl Lynne Sommer Eiler January 2017
Martha "Marty" Tate Drosyk June 2012
Earle Martin 'Marty' Voegtley-Dost Nov 2016
Gwen Walker
Madelyn Young

Your journey will be recorded through the lives of every person touched and every word said, through your gestures of love and every heart you fed.  For we ought to cry not, for they were on their way when they detoured by here to that eternal stop.

Notifications and/or obituaries were copied and sent out to each classmate on our email list. 
Please notify YJB if you have not been included on our class distribution list for whatever reason.  Her address is located on other pages on our website.  ThankYou 

Sadly, all of the names with notifications and/or "Sad News" entries up to MARCH 2018 have been added.

Please check 'Memorials' page(sadly, in process).
 Notify Yvonne for corrections and/or updates.