Assist the Mouse,help us 'Find a Classmate'
Assist the Mouse,help us "Find a Classmate"

Please help us locate these classmates.  Perhaps you have an address, an e-mail or have seen them on a Social Network. 
Let us know.
 If YOUR name is on the list, update your information on this 'ClassMates' page.  If you have anyone's information, please share it with any committee member. 
We are also on Facebook. Use the logo in the upper right corners or search under John R Buchtel Class of 1967 or Buchtel 1967, also check Events:



Your 1967 Buchtel High School Reunion Committee

Yvonne Jackson Brooks    

Roger W. Hoover                            330-697-3550 

Beverly Burton Lee             

Carol Zeh and Becky Graf Del Propost have consented to join in and help for 2017.

Added for our last Birthday Celebration: Shari Mosier Alexander, Carol Zeh and, Mary Sinacore Kucheman





William Mark Adams#

Bonnie Bonita Agee#

Sharon Elaine Anderson

Catherine Marie Andrew**'shout-out 9/2017

Larry Wesley Arnold

Robert W. Arnold

Michael E. Attalla passed away February 2014

William Russell  Bachtel#

Mary Louise Bell

Marlene Marie Bendele

Richard R. Bevan*

Egla M Birmingham* Hassan

Phillip Aaron Bittner [found!]

John E. Bleichrodt#

Constant Elizabeth Bowen

Eugene Stephen Bozsik, Jr.#

Catherine Grace Bradford

Laurie Beth Bright

N. Margaret Brooks

John Ralph Buck#

Dawn Marie Bunn deceased 2002

Harold Bernard Burleson#

Pamela Kay Burnett *Waggaman

Ronald Anthony Burton#

Richard David Bush found July 2014

Jeanne Susan Buzek

Steve Louis Byars, Jr.#

Lucille Verlene Byers

Lynne Ann Carlson

Pamela Wynn Chapman-Carter found July 2014

Catherine F. Chick#

David Bradley Clark

Joyce Kay Cole

Janet Sue Collins

Janice Lee Collins

Scott Allan Cooper#

Thomas Rodger Cox

Laura Belle Curry

Sharon F. Davis

Sollie Sam Davis, Jr.*

Tamzon Lorene Dickens

Constance Marie Dohner

James Charles Dunn

Cynthia Marie Ellinger

Janet Marie Field

Adrienne Ann Fowler

Georgia Ann Franks

Beverly Jane Gates**s/w 9/2017

Marilyn Elaine Gates

Howard Stanton Gertz

Linda Louise Marie Gilbert

Wayne Bruce Gilmore deceased December 2011

William Andrew Gipson, Jr.

Caroline Joyce Groncy Himes#

David L. Grueder

Emily Sue Gruver

Albert Lance Haines deceased

Gerald Ray Hamilton

Katherine Ann Hanrahan

Linda Jane Harrison

Susan Margaret Harvey

Elgie W. Hendrixon

Dianne A. Hensley

Willard Mathew Hess

Ellen Jane Holloway

Rhonda Marie Hubbard#

Bruce Jackson

Jeffry N. Jackson

Delbert R. Jones

Jeffrey Daniel Keckler

George Edward Kelley

Lawrence Russell Kelley

Kathleen G. Kenney**found and updated 9/2017

Judith Kestner

William L. Kestner#

Patrick F. Koehl

Clifford Noah Koller

Michael John Kozlowski

Janice Carolyn Kratz

Sidney J. LaMonica#

Mark E. Lane

Jane Edith Lautermilch

Barbara Ann Lee

Brenda Carol Lee

Linda Kay LeMaster Willis 8/15

Timothy E. Logan

Kathleen Marie Manley

Michele Kim Mansour Casteel# 

James E. Mathis

Lois Jean Maxwell

Karen L. McClish [attended brother Dan's funeral,3/12]

Roberta Irene McElwain

Julie Ann McRae

Mary Catherine Meehan

Bobbie Mercer Briner#

Edward Paul Minnick

Robert Donald Moore

Barbara Jean Myers

Margaret Ann Myers

Cherie Mary Neary

Beverly Jane Nelson

James M. Null, II

Pamela Jean Owens*Prinz

Alice Marie Painter

Anita Marie Parsons* deceased May, 2012

Terrence Lee Pearson

Johnnie Perdue, Jr.

Charles Emerson Peters

Priscilla Jean Pittman* Campana 

Penny Prais

Thomas G. Reed

Page Wendell Repp#

Rodney David Rittenhouse

Rita Roberts

Gary Stanley Rorrer 8/15 classmates

David Lee Rosebaugh#

John Richard Schaffner#

William Francis Scheffer#

Eric Raymond Severin#

Joseph Diego Simone

Diane Elizabeth Smith

Martha Ann Smith

Robert John Smith

Beverly Jean Snavely

Candice Jean Sommer Johnson

Cheryl Lynne Sommer Eiler *deceased January 2017

Randall C. Stanley

Nancy Alice Stark Denholm #found waiting on info July 2014

Charles W. Stephenson

Debora Lynn Stewart

Ruthann Stuecher

Janine Marie Tabor*

John Michael Tackett

Martha Ann Tate Drosyk deceased June 24, 2012

Larry E. Thomas

Earle Martin Voegtley, Jr. Hawaii 8/15 Dost passed in 2016

Gary L. Wasil

Deborah Ann Watt

                                 Samuel Robert Waxman                                    

Beverly Arlene White

Linda Sue White

Alvin Ralph Whiteside

Sandra Ann Williamson

Cheryl Jane Wood

Rebecca Anne Workman Campbell 8/15

Barbara Ann Wyatt Horn

# denotes we sent letter,  email or a phone call when finding on Spokeo, or other people search site (costs involved included the search site(s), postage, envelopes, phone calls, etc.)

* denotes found on other media sources including FaceBook.  Newly found Classmates encouraged to update our website. Since our last Reunion(2012), updates, etc., have been periodically entered from this list. 
(Thank You)


'Trailing the 'live ones' is harder than locating memorials'
"Trailing the 'live ones' is harder than locating memorials"

Through the years, I have used several search engines trying to locate various classmates.  It continues to be a challenging and tedious experience, especially when maiden names have been left behind.  Even with new technology it often leads to a dead end.  Many classmates do not want to be found, and have expressed that to me when I have found them.  Others are flattered.  Some never realized that we want to find them.  One very intimidating aspect is that once we have expired(passed on), it becomes relatively easy to find a name - but who wants to look there first?  Thank You to those that send emails about our classmates and their family members.  I appreciate your kind assistance.  I try to follow every lead given.  Thanks to You again.  From Beverly Burton Lee