John R. Buchtel Class of 1967
50th CLASS REUNION was held in September of 2017
50th CLASS REUNION was held in September of 2017

O Buchtel High,  to you we bring,
Our praises and our loyalty;

The Class of 1967 proudly presents
our very own official website. 


If you wish not to have any contact with anyone from
John R. Buchtel High School,
please be courteous enough to drop Beverly or Yvonne a note or call
so that we(includes other classmates) don't waste a lot of precious
time and effort trying to find you. 
We will respect your wishes and privacy.

"If life ain't the party you thought it would be, DANCE anyway!"

from Akron Public Schools: 

Let your smile change the world;
don't let the world change your smile!


50th Class Reunion 
was held in September 2017
the photo albums have been updated.

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Technology is great if you can keep up with it.  It's up to you to make sure that we have your information.   Email to Yvonne.
June 2017

Hello Classmate,
Whew! Preparing for our Reunion Celebration has really kept us busy. Three (3) years have gone by fast and now we have less than three months.
First of all a big THANK YOU to those who have sent in donations, early payments and combinations of both. You have no idea how much we have appreciated having funds for every little thing that we committee members have previously dug into our pockets for through the years. Just so you know, our donations have been just as yours are, ANONYMOUS! Whether it has been stamps, paper, decorations, pins, bags, all of our record keeping, time on the computer, traveling to meetings, and gas to get us there, Thank You.
There is still time for your donations and/or suggestions. We are available to listen to and receive whatever you need to express with emails, questions, money and/or suggestions. Please don't hesitate.
Our last meeting was very productive, full of information from several aspects. We will recap what you should already know, and give you a heads up on all others. Please don't hesitate to update your (or another classmate's) online information. The web, email, and snail mail addresses are all located below.
Holiday Inn West-Akron, Fairlawn will host all of the what, when and where festivities  
Fiftieth (50th) Class Reunion Celebration;  three (3) days,
Friday, September 22, 2017, 5:30 PM - 11:59 PM Ice Breaker Meet and Greet;
Saturday, September 23. 2017 5:45 PM - 12:15 AM Silent Auction Dispersal, Dinner and Dance;
Sunday, September 24. 2017 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Breakfast Buffet optional
Friday is $25 for anyone not attending Saturday;
Friday and Saturday prepaid together total is at $65 per classmate or $110 per couple
Saturday ONLY is $65 per person, and
Sunday Breakfast Buffet is $8.95; a Holiday Inn “gift” of $4 ($4.95 total cost for Breakfast Buffet) per overnight guest given at check-in. (Classmates can meet for the breakfast buffet, need to know the count to make reservations)
Reservations are $109+ tax group code BCR 330-666-4131 or 1-800-HOLIDAY, 
Gary Fulton has located part of our original class gift the letters in the sign. You will have the opportunity to bid on the letters. Opening bid minimum is $3.00. We are hoping to give a large donation from the proceeds. ***Bidding information later.
Friday night's Ice Breaker Meet and Greet will be a blast! We need you to BYOB. There will also be a Cash Bar available throughout the evening. We'll supply finger foods, pizza, beer, and light beverages. We have two large Hospitality Suites, 'the “Elm, and Maple” and if the weather permits, we can also be pool-side. Capture the Moment Photography Studios will be on hand for plenty of pictures.
Saturday night has multiple promises for our “Dazzle, Dine and Dance”! First, we'll begin with a Champagne Cocktail Hour donated by one of our fine classmates. A Cash Bar will be available through the night. Get your pictures taken then or anytime in the evening. A Class Photograph will be taken a little later in the evening to assure us that most classmates have arrived. During the evening 'our' generation music will be playing, and our own Bruce Vaughn's son, the II of, will be our DJ. You will need to get your playlist sent in because he has no memory of the 60's or 70's or even 80's music! Bring your own camera or smartphone. Terri Moorefield (Beverly's”almost”' daughter!) from Capture the Moment Photography will return as the photographer. She's now well renown in Cleveland and in Cuyahoga County.
We want to have fun! We want to create new memories. We want to refresh some of our older memories. We want to remember that 'Memories are Fantastic', and let's 'Celebrate the Moment'. There will be a few surprises along the way. Stay tuned, we're on our countdown. It will be September before you know it in just a few weeks.
Looking forward to seeing YOU! Send your money as soon as you can. Make your room reservation too! Let's have a few slumber parties or sleepovers!
See you soon!
John R Buchtel High School
Class of 1967
Reunion/Birthday Committee
Yvonne, Beverly, Roger, Becky, and Carol
FYI or 330-807-7040 or 330-699-7070
Roger Hoover
C/O Buchtel Class of 1967
266 Gleason Avenue
Akron, OH 44312

March 2017

Hello There! 
On behalf of the Committee, we thank you in advance for donations and early payments for our Class Reunion.  Please continue.
Payable to:
Buchtel Class of 1967
c/o Roger Hoover
266 Gleason Ave.
Akron, OH
Thanks a bunch.  You will be hearing from us again soon.
Best wishes as we leave Winter and head into Spring 2017.  Can't you hear the robins singing, and feel the grass starting to grow?, Achoo!

Buchtel High School Class of 1967
50th Class Reunion
February 2017

Hurry!! Hurry!! Hurry!!
Step right up!!
Your Reunion Committee has finally gotten all their ducks in a row (so to speak!). Yes, Siree! Bring it on!

The questions have been asked, and we have the answers. The Reunion dates remain the same, as does the venue, September 22, 23, 24, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Akron-West.

A Friday Evening Pizza Party in the “Elm and Maple” Hospitality Rooms. The cost is $25 per person, BYOB, a Cash Bar will also be available. 
There is no additional charge if you have pre-purchased the $65 Saturday “3D” ticket. 
The Saturday Evening in 3D, “Dazzle, Dine, and Dance,” kicks off with a Champagne Cocktail hour kindly donated by one of our classmates, and music by Bruce Vaughn Jr. of The total cost is $65 per classmate for both evenings. If you bring a guest, your total cost will be $110. 
You may purchase your ticket(s) ASAP. We can use the money now for the hotel. We still are accepting donations. 
Please send a money order or check for your ticket(s) to:
Buchtel Class of 1967
c/o Roger Hoover 
266 Gleason Avenue
Akron, OH 44312

Please include your current email address so payment can be acknowledged. We will post on the website in “Who’s Coming.” 
There will be a “surprise auction” held on Saturday. Stay tuned for further information. 
We have worked long and very hard with the Sales Manager at the Hilton Inn Akron-West. We’ve squeezed out every dime possible to defray the costs. We all know that our economy and hotel costs have risen. 
Rooms are still available for overnight stays (extra party time!). Please identify that you are with the 1967 Buchtel Class Reunion to ensure receipt of your group room rate of single/double of $109+ tax and includes a Continental Breakfast.

Reservations may be made by calling the hotel directly at
330-666-4131, 1-800-HOLIDAY or
via Website
Group Code (BCR). Reservation cut-off date is August 22, 2017.

Please update your information on our Website

Thank you so much for your patience. If you have any questions, please call Yvonne Jackson Brooks
at 330-807-7040 or email

Donations: We cannot make this wonderful weekend happen without your help and we greatly appreciate any and all monetary and service donations. Funds will go towards extras to make Saturday even more fun, as well as the festivities on Friday night! Please feel free to give what your heart desires.



November 2016


The 'MEETING' will now come to order!

First of all before the business at hand, we would like to thank Carol Zeh, for her willingness (again) to join the Reunion Committee.  Since then, we also have

welcomed Becky Graf Del Propost.  Roger Hoover

remains as our Treasurer. Donations are and will

be GREATLY appreciated. The Committee has room

for additional classmates to become members. We

sadly and wholeheartedly miss Dan McClish, Louie Farris Jr, and

Dave Shriber, our deceased Committee members.



Our apologies to classmates we have not yet

been in contact with by snail mail, phone, or email.

Budget constraints are necessary for postage, paper,

and, online search sites. The Committee has

diligently been searching and calling classmates

from Beverly's LOST list. We have also welcomed

your retirement! Did you update or delete your work

email? Please notify Yvonne with yours, or other

classmates' information.

Reunion dates are September 22, 23, 24, 2017.


The Reunion location is the Holiday Inn Akron

West-Fairlawn, 4073 Medina Rd, Akron,

Ohio, 44333. Early room reservations are available

at a reduced rate. Mention 'Buchtel Class of

1967'. PHONE: 330-666-4131 or 1-888-HOLIDAY, .



Sunday, one activity, Brunch, Picnic, Pool party.


FACE BOOK. We have a Group, and a Page. The

'John R Buchtel Class of 1967' is our location name

for both the page and the group. There are other

locations that reference our class, but they do not

use the "John R". Beverly will try to keep both the

page and group locations updated.

However, please refer to our website for the

complete package including pictures.


MEAL SELECTION.  In the past we have only been

offered the Buffet Dinner option. For our 50th

Celebration, we have a choice. We can choose to

have a Buffet, or your personal selection of a plated

dinner option. We are asking you to make your

before December 31, 2016.  We can then

present the totals to the hotel for accurate pricing

for them, and also for our ticket packages. Please  

email your choice ASAP. We will notify final choices

on our website.

After the "MEETING" we will 'distribute' the 'meal

package in its entirety'


Please notify Yvonne for corrections and/or


The Meeting is adjourned. 

Meal Selection packages were emailed.

Please notify Yvonne if you need a copy. 








MAY 5, 2016 Cinco de Mayo aka May 5th
¿Cómo estás? (Hello, how are you?)
Fellow Classmate, that's your lesson for today. Forty-nine years ago, we had never heard of this holiday celebration. It was when the Corona beer drinkers introduced the party concept that practically sweeps over 95% of the U.S. college campuses today, and co-workers needing excuses to leave early. OK, OK, really it was when Spain relinquished their hold of Mexico/California in the 1800's, but that's just a technicality.

Remember "Get Smart" with Maxwell Smart? "Can you imagine?” McDonald's began selling in 1954 at one location and has now sold over one hundred billion hamburgers as of 1993. They quit counting! So did Goodyear Tire. Forty-nine years ago, coffee was mainly percolated at home, now there's Starbucks. FYI: Barrister- Lawyer type person. Barista - Someone working in a coffee shop. 
While Miss Sexhauer wanted your face IN a book, Mr. Z is making millions of dollars from 'Facebook. Then there's the WWW/Internet as we know it now, along with cell phones, cable, satellites, and Apples you don't eat. The King of Siam said it best "et cetera, et cetera,” or etc. 

What's the point? Well, the point is that our 50th, yes Fiftieth Class Reunion will be celebrated next year, the weekend of September 22, 23, 24, 2017, at the Holiday Inn on West Market Street. The date and the place were selected by the 'majority' rules. 

Nothing 'trumped up' about it! (Forgive the pun!)

Can you speak text messaging? R U ABL 2 B ON COMIT-E? Are you able to be on [the] committee? Do you have any suggestions? Please call Yvonne at 330-807-XXXX or email to her at her address.

'Sad news' notifications are difficult to send. When a death notice is read and sent out, usually it may mean someone was sick perhaps days, weeks, months and sometimes years prior. What spirits could be lifted if some type of a greeting whether a cheer, thinking of you, get well, or even sympathy card had been sent from the class as a whole or from individual classmates? Please keep that in mind for our sick and shut-in members, and those that are bereaved. We all like to be thought about and prayed for - no matter what situations in life occur. Please send an address and name. Specify if it can be published for those classmates wanting to send cards, or if only one card from the class as a whole should be sent. Thank you.

Take care. Enjoy the Spring, look forward to Summer. Sunscreen and bug spray are essential for outdoors. 

Sincere regards from your
John R. Buchtel High School Class of 1967 Committee

Please update and/or sign onto our website:
(you are already here I know!)




Holiday Inn Akron-West


The banquet/ballroom has been selected by a majority vote.  The group block rate of rooms is $109.00 + bed tax and local tax per room per night.  We will try to get the cost lowered as we move closer to the date.




Except for the contracted actual costs of the dining facility, each location has various gratuity charges and taxes. Keep in mind that the food prices will roughly increase approximately 10% in 2017.  It is our hope that we make the choices you want because we really want you to attend.

We will contact you about the next phase of Reunion Planning 101.  Plan on joining the Committee and sending donations.


Thank you.


Yvonne – 330-807-7040 or


Beverly – 330-608-8040 or





Please send donations to:


Roger Hoover

266 Gleason Avenue

Akron, OH  44312


NOVEMBER 16, 2015

Dear Classmates:


Thank you for the response to the email regarding the reunion location.  It was not a tie, but the results were very close.  Most votes expressed to us that whatever choice Beverly and I made was okay for them.


The Hilton Inn /West-Fairlawn


Saturday will have a food and beverage minimum to be spent. The Conrad Ballroom downstairs (there is an elevator) has a $5,000 food & beverage minimum, and the Grand Ballroom upstairs  has a $15,000 food and beverage minimum. Food charges range from $30 to $35.  A group block rate of rooms is $129 + bed tax and local tax per room per night.


The Double Tree Hilton


Banquet/Ballroom charges are $800, with a minimum of $5,000 beverage and food.  Food prices range from $23 to $35.  A group block rate of room is $129 + bed tax and local tax per room per night.


Holiday Inn


The banquet/ballroom is $500 or no charge with $2,500 in food and beverage before tax and gratuity.  A group block rate of rooms is $109.00 + bed tax and local tax per room per night.



Except for the contracted actual costs of the dining facility, each location has various gratuity charges and taxes. Keep in mind that the food prices will roughly increase approximately 10% in 2017.  It is our hope that we make the choices you want because we really want you to attend.

We will contact you about the next phase of Reunion Planning 101.  Plan on joining the Committee and sending donations.


Thank you.


Yvonne – 330-807-7040 or







Please send donations to:


Roger Hoover

266 Gleason Avenue

Akron, OH  44312



Good morning everyone,



Many of you have heard and received emails with information regarding the passing of several of our classmates in the past and this year.   However, many emails were returned as “'non-deliverable.”   The distribution list is updated when I am notified by a classmate when their email has changed.  Face Book reaches a vast majority of the world, but alas - not too many in our BHS Class of 1967.  


Regarding our Reunion. Beverly has checked hotels, and corresponded with several hotels' sales managers.  It's narrowed down to these locations:
 Sheraton in Cuyahoga Falls,
 Holiday Inn located in Fairlawn,
 Double Tree, and,
 the Hilton, both on West Market Street.
Room rates vary from $100 - $150 per night. Dinners can be plated, buffet, or stations. We'd like to know as soon as ANYONE can, please to respond as to WHERE you want to go. Roughly speaking, we are hoping NOT to go above double the cost of any of the previous years' ticket prices.  We endeavored to remain at $50 per ticket, in 2007, and 2012 which included funding our website hosts.  After our last Reunion, we incurred a few complaints.  It won't happen again,  because we ALL are able to make our choices known prior to 2017.   


$$ to:
Roger Hoover/BHS 67
266 Gleason Avenue
Akron, OH

Reunion dates are, September, 22, 23, 24, 2017.  Right now time is of the essence because weddings, etc., are being planned, and we don't want to wait too long to decide. The first 50 people that respond will make the choice. Then, the fun parts can really begin. The Time, Place, When and Where, will all be in place.  Those of you that want to work at making our 50th Reunion a memorable success will be able to make it happen by joining forces to do just that.


Thanks a bunch.
Enjoy your extra hour of sleep if it applies November first.



Have a great day!


Yvonne – 330-807-7040 or

Beverly – 330-608-8040 or

ok for Twitter


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